Summer Reading Program Grand Prize Winners!

Well Summer is almost over and Summer Reading Program all but done.

This year we had 61 people sign up for the program and 18 of them read at least 2 hours past the 24 hour mark.

Good job everybody!

This year our sponsors were especially generous and as a result we have two Grand Prizes and four Not -so Grand Prizes.  (For every two hours past the 24 hour mark the participant receives an entry into a drawing)

Grand Prize Winners (25 dollars)

  • Kylie Schweitzer (31 entries or 62 hours over 24)
  • Nolan Eickhoff (38 entries or 76 hours over 24)

Not-So Grand Prize Winners (6 inch Subway Sandwich)

  • Brandon Martin (10 entries or 20 hours over 24)
  • Owen Eickhoff (12 entries or 24 hours over 24)
  • Zane Mahajoub (17 entries or 34 hours over 24)
  • Avery Roth (1 entry or 2 hours over 24)

In addition there will be a Friends of the Library meeting on the 20th of August and you are encouraged to attend.