Going into Overdrive!

Thanks to a few very generous patrons we managed to meet the five-hundred dollar goal and Overdrive is officially Live!

Visit the Nebraska Overdrive Consortium Website to download eBooks and Audio Books.

A basic run down of what you will need to do to get started can be viewed here.   Overdrive Brochure

A few things to keep in mind that will make this a pleasant experience.

  • Use the Advanced Search function with the “Available Copies Only” button checked to see what is actually available.
  • The nature of eBooks tends to cycle them faster than they would as physical copies.  If something you want is out please put a hold on it and you will probably be surprised how quickly the book is available.

If you have any questions about how Overdrive works and can not figure it out using the online help then feel free to give us a call at the Library (402-761-2937).  Please bear in mind that this is new to us as well and I (George) am the only one that has had any significant training with how Overdrive works.  If I’m not available and they can’t help you please be prepared to call back.

Have a great Summer!